I would like to thank the following :


  • Steven Green, GreenSiteDesign, for his dedicated help in setting up this website, dealing with my many technical queries and patiently colourising my Father’s photograph which features on the front page
  • Muir Findlay (veteran, “S” Squadron, 3rd Tank Battalion Scots Guards) and his son Eain for their kind gifts of books, photographs and numerous other snippets of valuable information
  • Colin Foster and Glyn Newell for giving us a “Battlefield” tour and showing us some locations of special significance in Normandy 2014
  • Andrew Oglesby for providing some information about the veterans at St.Charles de Percy War Cemetery, Normandy 2014
  • Neil Crockett (ex RQMS, Scots Guards) for enlightening me about Warrant Officer ranks and uniform markings
  • Rab Ritchie (ex RSM, Scots Guards) for proposing my honorary membership of Scots Guards Association