Inter Wars First Battalion

My Father enlisted in to the armed forces in 1934 at Perth, Scotland. Rather than join his local regiment,The Black Watch, he opted to join the Scots Guards, one of the five Regiments of Foot Guards in the Household Division and famous for their red tunics and bearskins. They have a dual role – ceremonial (guarding the Royal Palaces) but they are also highly trained elite infantry soldiers.

His initial training took place at the Guards Depot in Caterham from where he was posted to 1st Battalion.

In 1935 1st Battalion Scots Guards were posted to Egypt to relieve the Grenadier Guards and to protect the interests of the British Empire when Italy invaded Abyssinia in East Africa.

Returning to the UK in 1936 my Father was based in Aldershot and also undertook ceremonial duties in London. In 1938 he was transferred to the Reserve returning to his previous occupation as dairyman working alongside his Father on the family dairy farm at St.Martins, near Perth. His conduct had been deemed as exemplary according to his Commanding Officer who gave him the following testimonial :

“A first rate man who has given an excellent account of himself. He is trustworthy, reliable, clean, honest and sober. He is intelligent, conscientious and hard working. I can confidently recommend him for employment in civil life”